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|Trening ramion ( bez ciężarów )


Arm workouts can be incredibly effective at building bigger biceps and triceps, even when you don’t have access to weights. In this video, I’m going to show you an arm workout without weights that you can use to build bigger arms with nothing more than your own bodyweight as the resistance. This quick circuit workout will overload your biceps and triceps in just minutes.

To begin this arm workout, all you will need is a pullup bar and somewhere to do inverted chin curls and bodyweight triceps extensions. If you don’t have a bar as I show you here, simply use a counter overhang in your house which works just as well. The key is that you need to stop making excuses and start putting in the hard work that can be incredibly rewarding when it comes to building bigger arms.

The first part of this arm workout focuses on building big biceps. Start by getting into the top position of a chin up. With an underhand grip, pull your chin over the bar and then back your body away a bit to ensure that your elbows are bent approximately ninety degrees to maximize the effect on the biceps. Here, aim to suspend yourself in this position for a full 45 seconds without letting yourself succumb to the negative overload of the hang.

As soon as you complete your time on the pullup bar, drop down and immediately go into the inverted chin curl static hold. Lie on your back under a bar or counter overhand the grab hold of the bar or counter with an underhand grip. Pull your body up to the bar and keep your elbows at ninety degrees once again. Aim to squeeze your biceps as hard as you possibly can for a full 45 seconds without allowing your body to drop to the floor. As soon as you are done, head back to the chinup hold for 30 seconds, and repeat until you finish with a 20 second hold on each exercise.

Next, move onto the triceps portion of this arm workout without weights. Here you will need to grab the bar with an overhand grip and back your feet as far away from the bar as possible to get your body straight. Bend your elbows slightly to increase the tension on the triceps and hold here for 45 seconds. The long head of the triceps should definitely feel the burn as you fight to resist. Once done, immediately drop down to the floor to perform the modified L sit. This triceps exercise presents an intense contraction on the back of your arms. Hold for 45 seconds here and head back to the bar where you will perform a 30 second and 20 second hold of each to finish up this arm workout.



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