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CrossFit Officine: Fashion to Fitness


Reebok CrossFit Officine opened its doors only three years ago. Now, with more than 500 members, Officine is at the forefront of the fitness movement in Milan, Italy.

“We’re proud that in three years we’ve grown as a family so much,” says head coach Peter de Sury.

There are now more than 65 affiliates in the greater Milan area, and with Officine holding at least one Level 1 Certificate Course and one Level 2 Certificate Course per month, that number is likely to grow.

What members are doing in the gym “affects them in other areas,” de Sury says. “They’ve become better at their jobs, happier with their families, and they’ve seen dramatic changes in their bodies.”

In a city that has always cared about looking good, people are starting to turn their interests from fashion to fitness.



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