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Under the Weather: Whistler Unfiltered, Ep. 2


You might think that being a professional skier is all about hanging out, building jumps, and talking shit. In fact, it also includes copious amounts of drinking, monitoring of weather forecasts, and shooting things with firearms of dubious legality.

This week the Under the Weather boys are suffering through a major snow drought in Whistler so they pack up their best flat caps and move to Revelstoke for the entire month. When June-uary – June in January, get it? – hits all of British Columbia the crew heads back home and dives deep into the Whistler nightlife. Some might say too deep. Luckily you don’t need to wake up until noon to ride park.

Finally they build an 80 foot step-up with an ice bar attachment, truck in some young ladies, booze, good people, and a small armory, and let the madness ensue. And by 'madness’ we mean, they built the jump too small and they are going to wake up sore. Oh and Eliel went to Japan. Scored epic pow, got mega deep, blah blah blah. Screw that guy…

Director: Scotty Titterington, Eliel Hindert
Producer: Eliel Hindert
Athletes: Nick McNutt, Sammy Carlson, Jordan Clarke, Andreas Unterberger, Liam Casey, Eliel Hindert, Flo Goeller, John Spriggs



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